LogTag USRIC-8 PDF Single Use Logger


The LogTag USRIC-8 PDF Temperature Recorder measures and stores up to 8,000 real time temperature readings over a measurement range of -25°C to +60°C (-13°F to +140°F).

Enclosed in a robust and durable polycarbonate case, the USRIC-8 plugs directly into the computer USB to automatically generate a fully detailed PDF report with the option to download the data using the freely available LogTag Analyzer software for a more detailed analysis.

  • Integral USB connector – no separate Interface Cradle required.
  • Automatically generates a PDF report – no special software required.
  • Automatically generates an encrypted LogTag data file – for a more detailed analysis.
  • Fully user configurable using LogTag Analyzer for push button start, date/time start or trip length start. No need to buy a special logger for each trip.
  • Robust and durable polycarbonate case with lug for secure mounting.
  • Up to 8,000 recordings – enough for the longest trip.
  • In-transit inspections can be recorded at the push of a button.
  • Suitable for multiple independent receivers, clinical trials and last-mile distribution.

±0.5ºC for -5ºC to +30ºC
±0.8ºC for others
Data communication
USB 2.0, A-type plug
93mm x 54.5mm x 8.6mm
Logging start options
Push button start or specific date/time
Measurement interval
1 minute to 18 hours
Measurement Range
-25ºC to +60ºC
8,001 real time temperature recordings, non-volatile memory
3V Lithium battery– non replaceable
Sensor reaction time
Typically less than 5 minutes (T90) in moving air (1m/s)
PDF Reader, LogTag Analyzer® 2.5 or higher
Visual indicators (LEDs)
Flashing 'OK' indicator / flashing 'ALERT' indicator.

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