LogTag UTRID-16 USB PDF Temperature Logger


The LogTag® UTRID-16 provides a display to allow immediate viewing of current and past temperature and alarm statistics as well as the facility to create a detailed PDF report without need for extra accessories and proprietary software.

The display shows recording status, current temperature, alarm status of up to six user-configurable alarms and duration of any temperature excursions.

When the UTRID-16 is connected to a computer using the integrated USB plug, a detailed PDF report of the recorded temperature data and alarms can be automatically generated.

For more detailed data analysis, the UTRID-16 also creates an encrypted data file compatible with LogTag Analyzer® operating software and data management options.

  • Ideal for multi-stage distribution channels involving bulk through to “last-mile” stages.
  • Display showing temperature and alarm status of up to six alarms.
  • Durable, reliable USB connector with gold plated contacts, designed for multiple insertions.
  • Automatically generates a PDF report and an Excel data file – no special download software required.

Better than ±0.5°C (±0.9°F) for -20°C to +40°C (-4°F to +104°F). Better than ±0.7°C (±1.3°F) for -25°C to -20°C (-13°F to -4°F) & +40°C to +60°C (+104°F to +140°F).
Battery life
Typically 1 year of operation with normal use (6 minute logging, statistics reviewed on the display no more than once daily for no longer than 30 seconds each time, download data monthly) provided the logger is kept within the storage temperature range when not in use. The battery low symbol will appear on the LCD if the UTRID-16 has a low battery.
Case Material
USB 2.0, A-type plug
Download Time
Typically with full memory (16,129 readings) in less than 30 seconds from time of insertion to availability of PDF report. Typically less than 10 seconds from time of insertion to availability of LTD file in LogTag® Analyzer (if configured).
IEC 60529: IP64 with USB cap fitted.
Logging start options
Push button start (with configurable start delay from 1 minute to 72 hours) or specific date & time.
Measurement Range
-25°C to +60°C (-13°F to +140°F)
Memory capacity (runtime)
16,129 temperature readings. 56 days @ 5min logging, 168 days @ 15min logging. Statistics memory (for display on LCD):Max/Min values and alarm duration values.
Power source
3V CR2032 Battery.
Recording indication
“REC” symbol on LCD
Less than 0.1°C/F.
Sampling Interval
Configurable from 1 minute to 18 hours.
Sensor reaction time
Typically less than 7 minutes (T90) in moving air (1m/s) in EN12830:1999.
93mm(H) x 54.5mm(W) x 8.6mm(T) including protective USB cap.
PDF Reader, LogTag® Analyzer 2.8 or higher

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