LogTag HAXO-8 Temperature/ Humidity Logger


LogTag HAXO-8 is battery powered, credit card sized and cost effective temperature & humidity data logging system. It has a temperature resolution of 0.1 °C between -40 and +85 °C and a humidity resolution of 0.1%RH from 0 to 100%RH.

8000 pairs of humidity and temperature readings can be stored against real time at a sampling frequency which is adjustable from 30 seconds to several hours and an Alert Indicator can be configured to flash when conditions exceed preset values.

The stored data can be downloaded in a few seconds to a PC by placing the device in the USB connected docking station and utilising the FREE software package. The downloaded data can be displayed in graphical format or can be exported to Excel for more detailed report writing.

  • High performance at low cost.
  • Credit card sized case & thin enough to be mailed as “letter rate” bases
  • Alert indicator – indicates if readings are outside of preset limits
  • OK indicator indicates if still recording and if readings within configured limits
  • Inspection mark in log by push button
  • Push button logging start with optional delayed start or specific time & date start
  • Downloading readings takes only seconds with LogTag analyser software
  • Fine resolution of measurement – 0.1%RH & 0.1°C/°F
  • ‘Pre-Start’ logging – LogTag can be configured to record even if it has not been started
  • Real time clock records time & temperature simultaneously
  • Easy to use LogTag Analyser software that configures LogTag for recording and download data for analysis. Data can also be exported to other applications such as Excel
  • Re-calibration to achieve higher accuracy possible
  • Replaceable sensor air filter

Battery life
2 ~ 3 years of normal use (based on 15 minute logging, download data monthly
8000 data points
Case Material
Download Time
Typically with full memory (8000 pairs of readings) in less than 10 seconds depending on computer or readout device used
Humdity range
0 ~ 100% RH but with limitations as detailed in Humidity Measurement Operating and Storage conditions below
Logging start options
Push button start, date/time start
Power source
3V Lithium battery
Recording indication
Flashing 'OK' indicator flashing 'Alert' indicator
0.1%RH & 0.1°C/°F
Sampling frequency
Adjustable, 30 sec to several hours
86 x 54.5 x 8.6mm
Temperature range
-40 ~ +85°C

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