Libero THi1 USB PDF Temperature/ Humidity Logger


Tamperproof Libero THi1 datalogger combines a device life of 3 years with the ability to directly generate a PDF report, when connected to the USB port of any PC. The Libero is the first PDF data logger in the world which complies with ISO 19005-1, thereby ensuring the long-term preservation capability of the report generated. It also meets 21CFR Part 11 requirements.

The sender presses the TRANSIT button on the logger before despatch. On receipt, the goods receiver presses the ARRIVED button and then download the PDF report. What is viewed at the receiver end in this report can be configured and can be limited to a simple pass or fail mark. The PDF report also stores within the file raw data and this can be analyzed in detail using elproVIEWER software. This software is available free of cost.

  • No specific software necessary. No interface cable required
  • Display shows last stored temperature/humidity measurement, status, remaining battery life in days, Statistical Data (min, max, average, MKT)
  • Battery life of 3 years
  • Temperature range: -25°..+70°C. Humidity range: 0..100 %RH
  • Accuracy of ±0.5° in the range +10°C..+40°C; ±2% in the range 10..65%
  • Memory of 16,000 data points
  • Detailed evaluation of raw data possible with elproVIEWER Software
  • Straightforward transmission of complete reports (data and graphics) thanks to PDF/A format
  • SmartStart Pack&Go allows for one-step configuration preventing any human configuration errors

Accuracy of device
±0.5° in the range of +10°..+40°C
±0.8° in the ranges of -10°..+9.9°C & +40.1° ..+55°C
±1.2° in the ranges of +55.1°..+70°C & -25° ..-9.9°C
±2% in the range of 10.1% .. 65% RH
±3% in the range of 65.1% .. 80% RH
±4% in the ranges of 0%..10% RH & 80.1%..100% RH
Battery life
3 years
Case / dimension / weight
ABS plastic material / 102 x 40 x 19 mm (4.0 x 1.6 x 0.75 inch)/ 46g (1.48 oz)
Data logger configuration
liberoCONFIG software to create, store and manage individual settings in a logger profile as well as SmartStart, a liberoCONFIG component that provides a safe and quick application of profiles and shipment information to PDF Loggers. Downloadable free of charge.
Multifunction LCD, size: 23.5 x 23.5 mm (0.93 x 0.93 inch)
Display functionality
  • Configuration Profile Identification
  • Current temperature/humidity measurement (last stored value)
  • Start & End marking functionality with TRANSIT & ARRIVED buttons
  • Status OK or ALARM at exposure
  • Indicator to show if and where limit value has been exposed
  • Remaining battery life in days
  • Statistical Data (min, max, average, MKT)
USB – PC Universal Serial Bus
Measurement Range
-25°..+70°C 0..100 %RH
Memory capacity (runtime)
16,000 measuring data points
Programmable measurement interval and display renewal
1 to 60 minutes, user programmable
Programmable temperature alarms
2 alarm limits
Record mode
Start/stop or loop mode
Record options
Multiple use
Built-in PDF file generator automatically establishes an evaluation report with embedded raw data upon connection to a USB port. Complies with the ISO standard 19005-1 Document Management for the long-term preservation of electronic documents (PDF/A) and 21 CFR Part 11.
Start-up delay
0 minutes to 1 day
ID number
Type of probe
Combined internal probe T/RH

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