Logtag TRIX-8 Temperature Logger with Internal Sensor


LogTag TRIX-8 temperature recorder has been approved by the World Health Organisation and qualified to be listed in the WHO-UNICEF Product Information Sheets (Code PQS E6/06). It also meets European Standards as described in EN 12830.

The logger is designed such that the external temperature sensor is housed in a recess in the case. This then provides the same integrated mechanical protection of an internal sensor with faster reaction time associated with external sensor. A red flashing LED provides warning if the monitored temperature has moved out of set limits. Green LED flashes periodically to confirm that the data logger is recording.

A USB interface cradle provides for rapid transfer of data to the PC for further analysis using LogTag Analyser software.

  • Fast and easy download. Takes only seconds to download recordings.
  • Size of a credit card.
  • Fast reaction to change due to unique external temperature sensor arrangement.
  • ‘Pre-Start’ fail-safe logging (records temperature data even if not started).
  • Customizable alarm settings.
  • Red “Alert” indicator. Can be configured to flash when preset alarm conditions are encountered.
  • Push button start.
  • Date/Time start.
  • Low battery indication in software.
  • High performance at low cost.
  • Software provides for digital signatures in compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

±0.5°C for -10 to +40°C
±0.7°C for -30 to -10°C & +40 to +60°C
±0.8°C for -30 to -40°C & +60 to +85°C
Data communication
USB 2.0 communication
86 x 54.5 x 8.6mm
EN12830 compliance
Tested and complies to EN12830:1999 (TÜV test report number 2850509_001)
Logging start options
Push button start, date/time start
Measurement interval
30 seconds to 18 hours
Measurement Range
--40 to +85°C
Memory capacity (runtime)
8,000 data points
3V non-replaceable Lithium battery; 2~3 years of normal use (based on 15 minute sampling interval & once a month data download)
0.1°C for -40 to +40°C
0.2°C for +40 to +80°C
Sensor reaction time
Typically less than 5 minutes in 1m/s moving air
Compatible with MS Windows XP/Vista
Visual indicators (LEDs)
2 LEDs (green and red)

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