Libero Te1-P PDF Temperature Cryo-logger


When the requirement is to monitor cryogenic temperatures or to ship products in Cryoshippers, the Libero Te1-P is the ideal choice. The Logger can be mounted on the outside with only the probe being inserted into the tank. The display on the logger provides the current temperature, status (tick mark vs. cross), statistics, battery life, etc.

No external software is required to download data from the logger. All one has to do is detach the probe from the USB connector and plug it into the USB port of a computer. A PDF report is automatically generated. This report can be customized to include user-specified details.

The logger provides the ability to configure 5 alarm zones and can store 16,000 data points. The battery in the logger has been rated to last up to 3 years assuming 15 minute sampling interval.

  • External temperature sensor with rating of -200°C to +200°C. Ideal for Cryo shipper monitoring, ultra-low freezer, etc.
  • Creates automatically a PDF report when connected to USB port of a PC
  • Can store up to 16000 temperature data points
  • A multi-function display shows pass/fail status, battery life, statistics, etc
  • Validation certificate stored in the data logger
  • 5 temperature alarm levels with single or cumulative delays

Accuracy of device
+/-0.3° in the range of -10°..+25°C
+/-0.5° in the ranges of +25.1°..+200°C and -10.1°..-200°C
Application area
Liquid Nitrogen and cooling cabinets temperature monitoring
Battery life
3 years
Case / dimension / weight
ABS plastic material / 102 x 40 x 19 mm (4.0 x 1.6 x 0.75 inch)/ 45g (1.45 oz)
Data logger configuration
liberoCONFIG software to create, store and manage individual settings in a logger profile as well as SmartStart, a liberoCONFIG component allowing a safe and quick application of profiles and shipment information to PDF Loggers is downloadable free of charge.
Multifunction LCD, size: 23.5 x 23.5 mm (0.93 x 0.93 inch)
Display functionality
  • Configuration Profile Identification
  • Current temperature/humidity measurement (last stored value)
  • Start & End marking functionality with TRANSIT & ARRIVED buttons. Status OK or ALARM at exposure
  • Indicator whether and where limit value has be exposed
  • Remaining battery life in days
  • Statistical Data (min, max, average, MKT)
Measurement Range
Memory capacity (runtime)
16,000 measuring data points
Programmable measurement interval and display renewal
3 to 60 minutes, user programmable
Programmable temperature alarms
  • 2 alarm limits or
  • 5 multiple alarm ranges, conform with PDA Technical Report No 39 (Cold Chain Guidance for Medical Products: Maintaining the Quality of Temperature- Sensitive Medicinal Products through the Transportation Environment)
Record mode
Start/stop or loop mode
Record options
Multiple use
  • Customizable report title and filename
  • Text area for additional information (e.g. shipment information, instructions for recipient, etc.)
  • Immediate release or quarantine based on alarm status
  • Statistics (min/max, average, alarm) & detailed logger information (ID, configuration, etc.)
  • Chart visualizing the temperature curve and alarm limits
Start-up delay
0 minutes to 1 day
ID number
Type of probe
Any PT100 probe, standard class A (IEC751), maximum cable length 3m, not included in device price
  • Terminal for connecting any PT100 probe up to 3m cable length
  • Alarm Bracket

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